A Stylish Garden Hose in Your Favorite Color


✓ Featuring the LIVLIG Quick Connect System for quick faucet attachment and addition of accessories

✓ Available in Colors You Want -
4 Fashion Colors Available with Brass Fittings

✓ Durable- The 18 fiber knitting reinforcement around the inner tube of our colored garden hose makes the hose pliable, resistant to cracks, and less likely to kink

✓ Quality hose – made from 60% recycled PVC - free from harmful substances and phthalates. 

✓ German Engineering - This hose is made in Germany by the REHAU Group. REHAU has been manufacturing garden hoses since 1949. 

✓ ​​Available in 50' or 100' Length

Gentle Greige

This garden hose combines stunning color with the softness of its appearance. Conscious garden happiness in perfection.

Romantic Rose

Has a gentle, feminine appearance, but can become a real eye-catcher in the garden depending on the combination and environment.

Graceful Green

This design garden hose shines in a graceful green, which is reminiscent of an oasis of rural garden happiness with its harmonious color tone.

Authentic Anthracite

Our Authentic Anthracite garden hose is a master of combinations and a real miracle when it comes to standing out. In a deep charcoal gray, it fits perfectly into modern living environments and makes daily watering a highlight of the day.

18 Fiber Diagonal Reinforcement

Check Out How Hose Reinforcement Works

LIVLIG garden hoses are manufactured by the REHAU Group. Check out this video on how REHAU uses diagonal fiber reinforcement to insure a high quality hose that lasts through the seasons.

✓ LIVLIG Garden Hoses feature 18 fiber diagonal reinforcement

✓ Fibers are wound at a 54° Angle

✓ No Axial Twisting - Helps prevent kinking, makes wind up and storage easy

✓ No Increase in Diameter - Keeps the hose lightweight and easy to move

✓ High Pressure Resistant - No leaks or cracks

✓ Longer Service Life




Beautiful products and very good customer service


Becker C.

Mega fast delivery, very good quality and workmanship, best price, the product is just as beautiful, as pictured.I am thrilled. Thank you.



I ordered for the first time from Livlig53 and I am super satisfied... will not be my last order. Thank you very much.


Karin A.

When I opened the package, I was met with the same "warmth" that I already experienced on the shopping site. Everything was lovingly packaged and put together. I am completely thrilled and delighted with the beautiful items. Will certainly shop here again and again.

Thank you, for the great shopping experience ;-)))



I bought the ... garden hose in GRACEFUL GREEN on summer sale and I love it. It's sturdy, doesn't kink and the color is great. Fits perfectly with the watering cans I already have. I am very very excited about it. The hose arrived carefully packaged, promptly and just unpacking it was a pleasure. Thank you for this product.


Ulrich J.

A first class product ... makes every garden more beautiful at a reasonable price. A clear buy recommendation from Switzerland. Are always asked at barbecue parties in the garden on the beautiful hoses with the very high quality connection parts.

Who Should Buy This Hose?


   ✓ High Quality hose, will Last from season to season

   ✓ ​Available in 50' and 100' lengths, perfect for gardens of all sizes

   ✓ ​Sold by gardeners, you're in great company and we're here to answer all of your questions


   ✓ Stop hiding your garden accessories during parties and get togethers

   ✓ ​Show off your entire outdoor space, hose included

   ✓ ​Taking care of your garden can now happen at any time



✓ Available in 4 Stylish Colors

✓ ​Easy to roll up and store with the LIVLIG quick connect system

✓ No more hiding your hose, make it a part of your decor

Frequently Asked Questions



How much shipping costs do I have to pay?

Your order within the United States is free of shipping costs.

When can I expect my order?

Orders are dispatched from our Warehouse in Virginia. Depending on the order volume, our warehouse hands over your package to our shipping service provider FedEx or UPS. All our packages are insured and can be tracked! You will receive this link by email after it has been sent. If you have a problem with the payment or order, please feel free to email us at team@livlig.us


How can I return my goods?

Do you want to return one or more products? You can always return your unused items in their original packaging within 30 days. Please note that the items must be returned in their original packaging, clean and unused. Please use the following return link to register your return! The direct costs of returning the goods are borne by the buyer.

My product is damaged. What now?

We always try to take a close look at all our products so that you can enjoy our products. However, there are now and then small flaws that escaped us. In such a case, please contact us by email at team@livlig.us with photos of the affected product so that we can exchange the goods as quickly as possible.


What exactly are the guarantee conditions for the garden hose?

We guarantee that our design garden hoses will function properly in the sense that the product will not burst. The guarantee does not cover operational wear and tear such as slight color changes. The guarantee is granted to the end user on the condition that the damage occurs no longer than 5 years from the date of purchase. Damage of any kind due to improper use or external influences are excluded from the guarantee. Liability includes the free replacement of the product that can be proven to be due to production errors and for which we are at fault. Claims that go beyond the stated right to a replacement delivery, in particular claims for damages, are not justified by this guarantee. The guarantee declaration is valid within the United States. The guarantor is NVAM Inc. Leesburg, VA. 


If you are interested in a cooperation, please contact us and send us an email to team@livlig.us with a link to your page / profile.


You can send us an email to team@livlig.us WARRANTY CONDITIONS What exactly are the guarantee conditions for the garden hose? COOPERATIONS If you are interested in a cooperation, please contact us and send us an email to team@livlig.us with a link to your page / profile. CONTACT OPTIONS You can send us an email to team@livlig.us

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